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How to use the Jade Foot Roller

Natural Jade Stones are wet jet cut. No two are alike, the naturally occurring variants of color and grain give each piece natural imperfections to make them truly unique.

This little bad boy is rough around the edges but don't let that scare you off. Give your feet a quick roll to wake up the nervous system before a workout.

Pro Tip: Pop it in the fridge and relieve inflammation and fluid build up after a long day.

Three easy ways to use the Jade Foot Roller

1. Rolling

Rolling the bottom of your foot wakes up the nervous system and hydrates the tissue.

2. Pin and Stretch

Dropping the heel down with the roller under the ball of the foot, grip and spread toes. This pushes fluid into the tissues and breaks up knots. [aka adhesions - bands of scar like tissue].

3. Scrubbing

Using the roller like a rolling pin across the sides and top of foot and lower leg.

Be gentle in application and careful to never break capillaries.

Pro Tip: if your breathing becomes forced or shallow you're using to much force.

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