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Simplicity Takes Work

As capitalist’s we’ve grown used to being sold products to ‘fix’ our humanness. The problem with commodification is that the transaction feels like the solution. We’ve forgotten solutions take time and effort. Fitness Professionals easily fall into this trap because not only does it sell, but It’s the formula for basic marketing.

I get the idea. But constantly bombarding people with solutions to problems we imply our audience is not only broken, but incapable of helping themselves.

At best this shit creates feelings of shame and desperation. At worst self harming and probably a trauma bond with said solution giver.

I’m not really interested in any of that. It smells like some shit perfume masking a Ponzi scheme to me.

We could all use to improve ourselves in one way or another. But with that desire we must also relearn the value of hard work. I believe that starts with transparency in how you communicate with your audience.

And by hard work make no mistake, I do not mean some new form of torture fitness.


By hard work I mean consistency.

  • Go for a walk EVERYDAY.

  • Drink your fuckin water thirsty bitch.

  • Pick up heavy shit on a weekly basis.

  • Eat your Protein and Veggies!

  • Get your heart rate up

  • Get 8 hours of sleep! I’ll say that one louder for the people in the back!

This shit ain’t sexy and no one can do it for you. It takes time and effort. The hardest part is, we’re so used to being sold solutions we think we can fix said problem with ‘x’. In reality the solution you’re seeking is most likely a lifestyle change.


The irony of bashing a whole industry for its brand of commodification, while I sit here making a living off the very same industry is not lost on me. However I think we as fitness professionals have an opportunity to do better.

My attempt to bring light to the grotesque status quo many have grown numb and blind to, I hope to push the industry to a higher standard. We should be held accountable for contributing to the decline of people's mental and physical health through abusive marketing tactics.

Instead of offering a solution I challenge to offer an opportunity.

An opportunity to be better tomorrow than yesterday.

An opportunity to show up for yourself, and maybe be a bit kinder to yourself.

An opportunity to become mentally and physically stronger.

We have an opportunity to leave better than we arrived.

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