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Gua Sha - not just a beauty routine, it’s a recovery method.


While popularized by skincare bands many don't know is these tools work wonders for the whole body. 


Benefits of Gua Sha  - Breaks up knots. Improves circulation. Stimulates lymphatic system and cellular regeneration. Improved Tone and Pigment. Reduced fine lines. Improved overall completion. Reduction in headaches and eye strain. TMJ Relief. 


Black Obsidian - Naturally retains warmth. Excellent for clearing blocked pures, and loosen stiff muscles and joints. 
*Pro Tip - pre heat stone in a bowl of warm water before use.


Green Jade - Naturally cooling stone soothes inflamed irritated skin and muscles. 
*Pro Tip - store in fridge for a nice pre chilled stone.


Gua Sha


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